MIDI Ports Refresh

Just a quick and simple question: Is it possible to refresh the MIDI ports without having to close and re-open Cantabile completely?
When you forget that a USB device is off or not plugged in, Cantabile doesn’t see it until restarted.
If there’s not a Ports Refresh feature, would it be it possible to add one?

I’ve been able to stop/start the audio engine and USB devices appear without exiting Cantabile.

Ah, you mean the green “Power Button” in the top right?
Thanks, I’d not really looked at that before and hadn’t considered its purpose.
:beers: Cheers!

Yes. If a USB device is “disconnected” in the MIDI I/O Window, stop/start Audio and it may become connected. Works for me.

Works for me too :smiley:

Actually, in a most cases, Cantabile will automatically discover MIDI devices when they get switched on - I don’t usually need to cycle the audio engine for my keyboards to be found.

This is a definite advantage over Cubase. I often forget to turn on my little studio keyboard (doesn’t automatically turn on when it gets USB power), and that means I can’t use it in Cubase until I re-start - a nuisance. Cantabile is much more forgiving.

Hi @Torsten,
Actually you’re quite right there. While trying out the ‘Power Button’ kindly pointed out by @easteelreath, I found I couldn’t actually reproduce the issue with my Argon8 as Cantabilie was finding it again as soon as powered on.
Cubase certainly isn’t that elegant at times.

Actually Cubase does now detect midi devices becoming active. Has done since Cubase 11 I believe. And yes that was a pain.