Midi ports not showing up in linked rack

When I create a linked rack. All the midi ports from the song don’t show up. Only the rack midi input does. In the Rack tutorial brad made it shows all the midi inputs directly from inside the rack.
How I see these inputs?


Hi Todd,

By default these are hidden now as a way to encourage using the rack ports. You can turn them back on in Options → Miscellaneous → Advanced → Show Environment Audio and MIDI Ports in Racks.


Perfect thanks,
Is there a reason why you want to encourage midi routing at the song level vs the rack level?


I think the idea is that racks are intended to be self-contained and reusable, so if they only rely on their rack audio and MIDI in/out, they can be used equally well in any song. If a rack directly connects to environment ports (i.e. “real” ports), the song can no longer control how that works - levels, routing, MIDI filtering/splits etc.



Yes, that makes sense to me now… thanks Niel!