MIDI plugins in the background rack - how?

I am new to Cantabile so excuse me for the newbie question.
I want to have my MIDI mappings in the background rack - so they are out of the way, for instance Im planning on using the Cales VST (which has only MIDI in and Midi out = a pure MIDI plugin, no audio)

But I cannot get my head around how to have get the midi out of the background rack and to the input ports or the plugins of the song:
I have setup the Onscreen Keyboard in the background rack going into the Cales plugin (which is in the output section of the background rack) and have also enabled the “MIDI out” output port in the background rack.
I can see the green blobs working in the background rack - but nothing happens in my song input/output section.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi Carsten,

The background rack does not work that way in C3, the rack says it has a midi out but it doesn’t connect MIDI back to the main song pane and associated racks. It is usually used to arrange the global controller switches for Song switching (Set List) and State switching of both “Song States” and “Rack States”. I would recommend you create a linked rack (C3 Performer only) that you can drop into any new song and that would hold your midi routings and would be accessible to the rest of your racks and plugins in the main song area. You could also create a template song with this rack preloaded to speed things up. Hope this helps.


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Unfortunately, the background rack midi ports are not available as input ports in your songs. Not sure why that is - seems to be a design decision by @brad… Has been discussed from time to time, but for the moment things are this way.

There is, however a (somewhat convoluted) way to achieve this:

  • define a “Dummy port” MIDI input port in Tools->Options->MIDI Ports - don’t assign it to any hardware port.
  • now send the output of your Background Rack to “Loopback - Dummy port”
  • Use “Dummy port” as input port for your songs

lookee here:

Hope this helps!