MIDI output port - external synth (SOLVED)


Hi everyone :slight_smile: I’m a Cantabile newbie, and I’m trying to use the Lite version, for now.
Here my problem: I’m trying to routing MIDI notes from Onscreen Keyboard to a VST synth to External Synth.
When I play some notes I see MIDI IN buttons flashing (and I hear the sound from speakers) but no mIDI signal is routed to External Synth.
Can anyone help me? Many many thanks in advance !!!

PS: I’ve now switched to the Performer Trial version, but nothing change.


Hi Roberto and Welcome!

The External Synth has to be configured (a hardware device must be assigned) in the Tools>Options>MIDI Ports window. Have you already done this? If not here is a Video tutorial that explains it. Try the getting started video, if you still are having troubles post here and we can help on any specific problems you may be having.




Hi Dave, many thanks :slight_smile:
OK, I understand. Actually I didn’t assign an hardware device, because I’m trying to use MIDI notes to control a DMX software (FreeStyler) via LoopMIDI internal port (https://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/loopmidi.html).
I’m trying with Ableton Live too, but probably the absence of an hardware device is determinant. Right?


Hi Roberto,

In your case you would still need to make a loopMIDI assignment to the External Synth port so you could connect with DMX.



Yes, I got this yet. But unfortunately… :frowning:
I suppose there is a little particular that I don’t know… but I don’t understand what, really !!! Probably independently by Cantabile or ather softwares…
Thnkyou anyway !!!


Hi Roberto,

Have you configured DMX’s MIDI configuration to accept the loopMIDI port from Cantabile? It sounds like either that is not done or the routing in the song is off. Can you post the routing tab screen from your song e.g.



Thx Dave, I’m sorry you waste your time…


And this is the FreeStyler MIDI setup.


No worries here Roberto! Assuming it’s still not working have you tried this routing? It routes the Onscreen Keyboard direct instead of thru the Absynth. Is there a reason for going thru the Absynth to the External Synth or am I’m missing a detail here on my end?



You are a genius :slight_smile: It’s works fine !!!
I didn’t know that a direct routing is possible. Great.
Thanks thanks thanks.


Glad to help Roberto, have a good one! :slight_smile: