Midi out for on-screen settings?

Hey there, Loving Cantabile for my digi guitar rig, I have a question about something I am trying to acheive regarding midi control and just wanted to check that it’s actually possible…

I have a mini midi controller (Behringer x-touch mini) that has position displays for the knobs showing where they are set, I want to map these to the amp controls on the plugins I am using for my live setup…

Of course, this is easy to do in one direction (midi in only), but i wanted to be able to synchronise the knob positions FROM cantabile to the controller as well so that it shows the positions of the knobs on an easy to access hardware surface and that information is accutate at all times.

Is this possible? can you map a control from a plugin (that does not have midi in this case) to a midi OUT controller ID? when you load a song will these positions be sent out to the devices to sync their displays??

If not… can we get that feature? :slight_smile: i have big plans to expand midi amp controls to a custom “amp panel” but this feature is required for that to work…



Hey Stu

take a look at bi-directional bindings: https://www.cantabilesoftware.com/guides/bindings#bi-directional-bindings

In case these don’t work (because you need different MIDI commands to control the position displays from the ones sent by the controller), you can simply create separate bindings from the parameters of the plugin to the correct MIDI commands. You’ll need to set the correct VST parameter of the plugin in the Source column, then bind it to a corresponding MIDI command to the controller’s output port.



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This wont work for me, the enable for bi-directional does not engage… nor can i seem to select the plugin control as a source, or a midi out as a destination… can you elaborate? also, which license do i need for this to work?> i am currently on solo…



Hi Stu and Welcome to the forum!

You would need to have the performer license for bi-directional bindings. Once you have Performer the bindings are set up with the source being your controller knobs and the targets being your amp controls (which are usually available in a hamburger menu from which you can select).


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Hey @StuSaysMoo,

Bi-directional bindings will often get this for you, but there are certain restrictions where a bi-di binding can’t be figured out automatically and you’ll get a bidi error. In those cases, you can just create a second binding going in the opposite direction (ie: plugin parameter => MIDI out).

In either case you need Performer.


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