MIDI Notes (Media Player) Hanging on too long

Hi all-- I’m using media player to control some short MIDI samples, and the final note is hanging on way too long. I’ve got some short stabs that I generated in Reaper. When I play them in Reaper, they are nice and short (sixteenth notes). I load the files through Media Player into Cantabile, and I route them to my keyboard. Nothing funny in the keyboard patch, because if I physically play them on the keyboard, they cut off immediately, so I know there’s no weird sustain issues happening. When I play through Cantabile, the last note hangs on for an extra beat or so.

Any suggestions?

Hi Jeff,

Could you post your midi file inside a zip file (the site likes zip extension) and post it here so i can look at the raw midi data? I don’t know if you have used the midi recorder built into Cantabile but if you have you could make a midi recording of your keyboard then load the recording directly to a media player and then play it back through the same keyboard. This would determine if Cantabile was playing both files back incorrectly, both the one made elsewhere and the one made in Cantabile. If so it would make Cantabile the likely offender.


Dave- thanks for the help! Here’s the stab.
Horn Stab.zip (170 Bytes)

I have not used the MIDI recorder into Cantabile-- I’m still getting my feet wet with Cantabile overall, so I didn’t think about recording straight into it. Honestly, I was creating more by notation editor than straight recording, although maybe I should give that a try next.

Hey Jeff,

Well you can rule out the file as being a problem. I checked it carefully and it plays back here as 2 staccato diatonic harmony notes very close together. The notes fall at the very end of the file with 7 or 8 sec of silence first. I ran the file to a vsti piano and it worked fine. If you have a second synth you could hook to it and see if it does it there too.


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Thanks,Dave! Solved it: Seems like the end of the play range was butting up against the end of the note, causing a delay in the release. If I pulled the range out just past the end of the last note, nice clean cutoff.

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