MIDI Note groups / chords as binding source?

I have a specific situation in the intro of Kyrie by Mr. Mister where the whistly synth arpeggios are on midi files in the media player. I would love to be able to switch to the next arpeggio (file) as I hit the big piano/synth chords. Having the chords be the binding trigger. Does that makes sense? Is there already a way to do this?


~ vonnor

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Hi @vonner,

Unfortunately not - you can only trigger a binding on a specific note, not a chord of notes. Unless you can find a plugin that’ll detect the chord and generate some other kind of MIDI event, not sure this is possible.


Is it logically possible as a future enhancement to the binding triggers in Cantabile? I obviously do not know the code base or how that module is put together. Instead of listening for just one note, listen for a group of notes?

I’ve logged it for consideration. Interested to hear who else might find this useful.



I’m sure I’d use it at some point, if it were added to Cantabile. One example would be to use the bindings to trigger bass pedal notes, so you hold a chord, and get a pre-programmed bass note. Just for certain sections of a song where you don’t have enough hands/feet (you’d also need to be able to handle the note-off too though).


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(sorry for my english)

I agree with this idea…we have to keep in mind that perfect instant chords aren’t very easy to play so @brad :wink: will be capable to let us to configure in the binding window a kind of latency between all the chords notes ON event to trigger the entire chord.
An example could be a grissed chords with two hands.

This is just a remark :slight_smile:

Oh! If i can say, this feature could let us to choose what the “chord” is made of: not only notes but a group of note + pedal + other events all played together.
At this point i can say that the feature could be extended to let us to group multiple source to the same target:
an example would be to be able to swich to next song state through multiple notes even if played independently.
In this way we don’t have to duplicate ‘n’ times a binding to use the same target but use a kind of “source grouping”

What do you think about?


That would be a use case for me as well I’ve always thought that that would be cool.

The other thing I would use it for is to send triggers to be DMX light show based on chord

@KimeraBubble is correct that chord detection is a trickier beast than just reacting to single notes.

Yes, i read your example! but I was thinking to jump over the simple chord or chord+pedal so merge multiple different source events to control one target.

This with the ability to link all source events together with a common max latency (to start the binding) or without it, to leave the source events indipendent from each other.

I would love to see something like this - for example, to be able to use the keyboard’s sustain pedal as a shift key, so that the combination of sustain pedal + other controller would perform a specific action. As a particular example, i have a binding on a controller button on the keyboard to Next Song - but it’d be great it that button could either be Next Song or Previous Song depending on the state of the sustain pedal.


Hi JimboKeys! This is already possible within cantabile.
Take a look at this post: Singlepress, doublepress and modifier keys

Greetings, Tom

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the examples. I had considered that this might be doable with states in a song, but hoped i could set something up in the background rack rather than having to duplicate these bindings in every one of 80+ songs (not to mention the complications of needing states within states where i’m already using states for intro/verse/chorus etc.) But i totally appreciate your kind assistance - this forum is awesome !

  • Jimbo

Don’t forget you can put the bindings in a linked rack and just add that to each of your songs, and rack states can provide re-usable variations on the bindings.


I only want this feature so that when I play a certain sequence of chords a secret door opens in my studio.



Yes, I’d use this. An AND operator to join 2 or more source bindings together would be great.

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… and when I play a secret chord, a voice comes from above “well done, David”…


Take a look at this.