Midi monitor (or learn) in midi filters dialog

Hello folks!

Would like to discuss some features because of my use case:
I have my personal laptop and personal audio card and various midi keyboards (this depends on local rider conditions)

Now I’m using midi port filters (Options->Midi port->Midi filters) for each new keyboard
as adapters to my current global bindings setup.
Each time I need to monitor midi message (for filtering or mapping it to another)
I have to exit all the dialogs and select the desired port for monitoring it with Midi monitor.
Then I have to return to Midi filters dialog again and again for each new midi message.

So I Would like to be able to monitor midi messages without leaving this dialog window
(or maybe kinda learn dialog like in learn binding)

your thoughts?

kind regards, Alexander

Hi Alexander,

I use a custom controller bar button. It calls the monitor for whatever the last selected route or object was. Even when you have a filter dialog open it will still open with this button.



Thanks Dave!


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Sorry for late reply)
Just checked this and it doesn’t work.
I was talking about main menu Options - midi port - filters.