MIDI Monitor gets overwhelmed and crashes

I’ve noticed that the MIDI monitor gets overwhelmed on my systems, whether laptop or the far beefier desktops. A large influx of data causes the whole app to seize up and, on many occasions, to crash. Is there a more effective way to buffer the events?

Hi @Ade,

Thanks for reporting this.

  • You say it’s the MIDI monitor that crashes - does this mean it only happens when the MIDI monitor is open?
  • If it only crashes when the MIDI monitor is open, would it be possible to make a MIDI recording (without the monitor open) of these influxes of MIDI data so I can reproduce it here?
  • Did you send crash reports when it crashed? I don’t see any on my end.


Messaged you

Hi Ade,

Thanks for sending the video - definitely looks like a hang of some sort.

I’ve done some testing here and it doesn’t seem to be related to the MIDI monitor, at least not specifically to being overwhelmed. I setup a media player with a MIDI recording, hacked the song file to set the playback speed to 100x, routed it to a synth and opened the MIDI monitor on the route. The MIDI monitor lags a little but doesn’t hang and remains responsive.

It might be that it’s related to a particular MIDI event or combination of events that’s triggering an issue.

I think the best bet for tracking this down is if we can get a MIDI recording that causes the issue. Could you do a recording (with MIDI monitor closed) of something that would typically trigger the issue. Then try playing it back through the monitor and see if it trips up.