MIDI Monitor for Bindings

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Hi All,

I am a MIDI enthusiast and enjoy twisting C3 into knots but have need of an addition to the tool kit built into C3. I would like to be able to check the bindings sources and targets with the MIDI Monitor. As it is built now you are confined to the routing page for these diagnostic functions and also I would like to voice a repeat of my request for a split screen that would allow monitoring of the route page and bindings page. If anyone else thinks this would help them please chime in. I know Brad has to prioritize so a wait will be in order if it is feasible to do at all, but these tools would take a lot of ‘pain’ out of it for me.




Yes, I’d find the use of MIDI Monitor on the bindings page really useful - especially if it showed all MIDI coming in on the source, and highlighted that which satisfies the binding’s triggering criteria.

I often find myself having to create a new route, and route it to something artificial, just to be able to use the MIDI Monitor, because many of my bindings come from MIDI sources that I don’t actually have routes for in the song.



That spurs this question, is there a means to indicate whether there has been a successful state change related to a midi event? This would be very helpful too in the mix of it. Is that what you refer to?



Ah the poor MIDI monitor - it always seems to get neglected. I think it’s the one piece of Cantabile’s code base that hasn’t been revisited since the very first release.

Updated the card to point here too.


Thanks for the link @brad. If any others like this improvement vote at the trello link or express interest here.