Midi LED ring for rack gain - Rack by index as a source binding?

I have a X touch mini which has endless encoder with LED rings.

I’m trying to have
Encoder 1 adjust Rack 1 (by index) gain
Encoder 2 adjust Rack 2 (by index) gain

Incoming bindings work fine, for example
Source:Xmini Event:Controller9 Target:Rack#1 Gain.
When I adjust the encoder, then the rack gain changes.

However. when creating the outgoing binding there is no “Rack by index” option in the Source dropdown.

How do I bind the Rack 1, 2 or 3 gain to my midi target controller?

I am assuming I need to create incoming and outgoing bindings separately and that there isn’t a better way of doing it.?



Hi Al,

when you named the racks then that is how to choose them. The indexing is independent of this. So say I make a rack say I call it “piano rack”. As long as it is first in order in the routing slot list it becomes rack #1 to the indexing system but is still also the “piano rack”


A light bulb just went on - thanks!

I had been trying to create all these bindings in the background rack.

Instead of that, I think I need to create them in each individual rack.

So, in my “Piano rack” I’ll create the bindings for the rack gain and the LED ring and these will persist through any song that uses that rack.

I’ll try that later.


Also consider using the Song level bindings as a way to get there. Once you create the bindings that you need just copy them to all songs.

Next Problem - I’ve bound my midi encoder to Rack gain within a rack.

The “Output Ports” within the rack adjusts with the encoder.

However, the “Rack gain” slider within the song does not move.

Is this correct?

I would like to see the effect of my adjustments from within the song, without having to go into the rack.

Screenshots below.

I think your binding is on the wrong level. It should be in the song not in the rack.


If I put the bindings at the song level, I have to do that for every song, which is a bit of a bind (sorry!)

Is there no other way?

Sorry … but for now this is the best way to achieve what you want, to be able to see the changes in C3 at the song routing level. The 2 Gains are independent and separate. I recomend creating and copying all the expected binding(s) at the song routing level to your other songs and have new songs built on a template song with all your bindings in it.


Thanks Dave.

Is this a bug then?

If I use “rack by index” as my target (still within the rack) and select output gain, then it works as I would expect - the rack gain changes within the song.

Good question, I guess I’ll have to let @brad let us know. It looks like rack by index is from rack exterior control and Rack is only internal control. I am glad however if the index rack method works for you.

It half works - There is no “rack by index” as a source binding so I can’t bind the LED ring the other way for when the gain is changed by another method. So back to the original thread topic!

Ideally I’d like to be able to adjust rack gain (as visible within the song) and source bind to the same slider from within the rack. This would be better for me than using the “rack by index” and then hoping that all the racks are in the correct order across all songs.

Thanks for your help anyway Dave.

Hi @a6325435

Unfortunately at the moment there is no source bindings for Rack by Index (for technical reasons I haven’t had time to address).

The reason you can’t see the gain adjustment from the song when you put the binding in the rack is because there are two gain settings - one internally to the rack and one externally to the song - together they form the total gain of the rack.

I’ve logged this here and will try to get to it soon.


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Thanks Brad! Much appreciated.