Midi learn in Synth1?


I am french, using Cantabile for the first time, nice software !
I want to use Synth1 (vst plugin) in Cantabile with a Roland A500pro Keyboard .
No problems for install the plugin, the keyboard, the soundcard (steinberg UR22mkII).
It’s work perfectly, but I want to know if is it possible to assign the fader and the knobs of the keyboard (Roland A500pro) to some parameters of the synth1, to modify them in live.
I had read somewhere that there is a midilearn mode sometimes for some vst in standalone.
Is it possible with Cantabile ?

Hi Laurent and Welcome,

What version of Cantabile are you using? This will affect how you can create your pedal and knob assignments from your keyboard.



Hello Dave,
It is the 3.0 lite build 3587 (x64)
Thank’s for your welcome and your so fast reply.

Hi Laurent,

With the lite version the only way to get there is by using the MIDI learn functions of the VST Instrument plugin you are using if it has it. The more advanced versions of C3 offer a sort of universal binding technology that speeds this type of thing up but you should be able to get something going by opening the plugin’s GUI and seeing what features it supports for MIDI control and how they work. if you can check the manual for the plugin for assistance as well.


Hi Dave,
Ok, I anderstand… It is the problem of the instrument VST, so Synth1 do not have midi learn, so it is impossible to modify the sounds in live…I will looking for new VST witch have midilearn fonction…
Thanks for your reply !


Both U-He and Arturia have synths that are user friendly for MIDI learn.

  • Paul

Ok, thanks you Paul !

It’s in the options menu of synth1.

Ok with you, it is working well on a daw like cubase, but not in a host like Cantabile, for me…