MIDI inputs in rack for each controller as opposed to single MIDI in port? Makes sense?

Hi, still finding my way with the basics. I have a simple 2 keyboard rig (call them K1 and K2, defined in Options as MIDI in Ports), and I want to create a base rack that will stay through the set. This rack has VSTs that are played either from K1 or K2, and a few rack states, where VSTs are alternately on or off or played on different key ranges. Now, is it mandatory to have a MIDI in port at the rack? The way I see it, with a single generic IN port I would have to set MIDI channels for K1 and K2 and for each VST to direct which keyboard plays which VST. But if I create separate K1 and K2 MIDI in ports for the rack (or for any other controller I want to use), I can specify which K goes with which VST for every VST instance inside the rack, and just leave the MIDI in ports unassigned. This seems to work with no problems, but is it correct? Could it lead to drawbacks? Thank you for any info.

Hi, and welcome along!
That’s perfectly legit. Cantabile allows for different approaches. The important thing here is that Cantabile understands you have two keyboards and, beyond that, you can make them go anywhere, on any channel, with any split.

Thanks Ade!