Midi input busses (external sequencer )

Hi all , first time poster and I’ve got a question
I’ve been demoing cantabile light and it is really impressing .
Now for the question , in a couple of months time I will receive my sequentix cirklon sequencer , I will use it to sequence my external gear but also vst’s and this is where cantabile comes in .
The cirklon has 5 physical midi output ports + an usb output port .
The usb port carries 6 midi busses , 16 channels per bus , so 96 midi channels over midi usb…wooowzers
My question is ,is the free cantabile enough to recognize all the busses , or will I need to update .( assumin the higher end catabile versions will correctly recognize all 6 busses )


No one ?

Hi gentleclockdivider2 and Welcome,

You would need at least the solo version to get the advanced MIDI routing capability so that is what I would aim at.



So the solo version will recognize all 96 midi channels , 6 separate busses over usb ?
If so , that is great news

Yes, that is how it works but if you like we can ask @brad the developer to be absolutely sure (I have not set up multi port MIDI in my setup but from my understanding Cantabile solo and performer have the capacity.



I forgot to mention that the cirklon only has 1 usb port which handles all the (6) midi busses
O.K I will ask the developer .

Sure, I understand how the USB MIDI can handle multiple MIDI ports but just to be clear though I was thinking that what you call a “buss” in MIDI (16 channels) is called a port in Cantabile. In Cantabile the physical ports(busses) would appear as separate checkboxes in the virtual MIDI port you create to route it to the songs in the program.

Port , is indeed bus
Bus has 16 channels
Cirklon has 6 busses over usb out
If cantabile let’s me select each bus ( input port ) , I 'm good

Yep, Cantabile will handle assuming each “bus” appears as a separate MIDI device reported by Windows.

ie: you’ll need to create separate ports for each MIDI device (bus) and route appropriately.