Midi Filters Feature Request


Some suggestions:
On the midi filter dialog box, would it be possible to include a simple text field to enter a note.
I use multiple sysex filters, to convert keyboard buttons/knobs into cc’s or program numbers etc, but every time I look at the midi filter fields I can never remember which one applies to what!
If I could just write something like “YC61 Octave Buttons” it would really help a LOT.

ALSO … while I’m here :slight_smile: … I’ve always wondered why the recent ‘Mute Button’ feature (when a VST edit page is open) was a request, when personally, I’m always looking for a ‘Solo Button’ when editing a VST patch.
While I’m working on a sound from a VST, I want to either hear it on it’s own or with the rest of the track, or the other VST layers etc. I haven’t ever had a need for a Mute Button I don’t think.
Just my 2 cents worth.


Hi Peter.
I have the same problem too.
I have a lot of SysEx to convert and when some changes are needed it’s hard to remember the subject of the message.
We ask @Brad if he can insert a descriptive note

This request is logged here, but not voted on at all.

That said probably pretty easy to add so I’ll keep it in mind.



Also, logged this:


Thanks @Brad, the descriptive note that Peter and I propose seems to be very useful, not only in the case of describing SysEx.

I just gave it my vote. :slightly_smiling_face:

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With v 4048 the great @Brad has inserted a line for comments in the midi filter section, very useful for the forgetful …
Thanks Brad.


This is great! I had been exporting my filters and adding my own comments to the xml file, so I could keep track of their function.


Thanks @brad

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Thanks so much Brad, that’ll make life a little easier :slight_smile:
Really appreciate it.


Re: the Solo Button on the VST edit page …

Is it possible to make this work inside a rack too?
Most of my VST’s located in a dedicated ‘Linked Rack’ where I can add effects and fix levels etc so it’s easy to tweak things globally.
I imagine the same function … soloing just the VST (not the rack)

Sorry it takes me so long to get back on these things. :frowning: