Midi filtering to translate notes?

Hello all, I am currently playing hard with an evaluation version of C3 Performer - all going great but I have one question: can Cantabile (using midi filters or some other way) translate an incoming note into a different note? Something like the NoteMap function in my Korg Kronos? Is such a thing doable and if so, how?

Thx for any tips!


…if you want to map drumkits you can also do this with a vst like note mapper

so you can see all on one site …and it’s for free


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Thx Juergen. I don’t particularly need it for drumkits, but notemapper will certainly work. I was just wondering whether Cantabile can do this our of the box. Great tip, thx!

cantabile also can do this with bindings and with filters you can map a range ore on note only

but overlooking is better with a grid if you want to map many notes…

for only a few notes take bindings

Hi Tom,

The answer is yes, easily, using a binding

The first section of the binding is the Source note and the second part is the target. Hope this helps. This would map C4 to C5 on the Organ vsti I am using in the example.


- don’t know how I could miss that. Thx Dave! Very helpful bunch, y’all!