Midi Filter Sysex Decoder

I’m wanting to map some hardware buttons which produce a sysex command, to a cc number to control some plugin parameters.
I couldn’t see a way to do that via a binding input, so tried with the midi filter sysex decoder.

Can someone advise why this doesn’t produce a cc number event?
Is there something else I’m missing? … or is there a better way to achieve what I’m trying to do?



… because you’re not telling it how to decode the sysex. The sysex decoder needs at least to know where the CC value you want to generate sits in your sysex string, using the $(val) operator.

See here for the details of the sysex decoder: Sys-ex Patterns - Cantabile - Software for Performing Musicians



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OK … so I’m thinking about this incorrectly.
I was expecting to be able to get Cantabile to recognize an incoming sysex event, and use it to generate a cc event. (not decode the sysex event to determine specific information within it etc)
Can the midi filter be used for this purpose?
Alternatively then … can Cantabile ‘learn’ a sysex event, and use as a trigger for a binding to do that job?

Tanks for your help

I’ve got it now thanks.
Not what

I was expecting but I get the idea now.
Thanks again :slight_smile: