MIDI Filter issue

I am struggling once more! I have invested in Session Bassist - Icon Bass, which is brilliant, but apart from a couple of occasions, and I have no idea why, I cannot stop a vibrato to the bass notes. It should be applied via the Mod Wheel, but seems to be on all the time, regardless of where the Mod Wheel is set. I have tried checking the Notes Only on the Event Input tab, and then looked at MIDI Filters, but am obviously doing something, or several things wrong.

Because I only venture into MIDI settings at a simply level, I don’t understand many of the options on MIDI Filters.

Any suggestions, please?

All I see in the manual is a few blurbs about vibrato.


Start a new song with no routes to make sure no midi filter remnants exist.

When the plugin is initially loaded and played, I’m assuming there is no vibrato. Then, when vibrato is applied, it won’t stop. Maybe vibrato is on from the start, IDK? Anyhow, MOD wheel CC is typically CC001. Use a midimonitor on the input to the ICON_BASS and make sure that CC001 is changing from 0-127 as the mod wheel is moved. You should see CC-001 moving as the physical wheel is rotated. If you are not seeing CC001, then you may have to CC Remap what you are seeing to CC001.

If ICON_BASS is receiving CC001 from 0-127, then you you could trial/error other CCs with a MAP or look for something in the Kontakt player that is set incorrectly.

Based on what the manual says, a MOD Wheel (CC001) with a value of 0 sent to the plugin should stop vibrato. If vibrato does not stop, well sh*t… IDK.

Thanks for the reply.

I have set up some songs with Icon Bass where there is no vibrato issue - ie no vibrato until I move the mod wheel, and clicking the aforementioned “notes only” option does get rid of the vibrato altogether. But for other songs the vibrato is there all the time even with the mid wheel at zero, and nothing I do will remove it.

Is CC001 (Mod) with a value of 0 being sent to / received by the Icon Bass?

Hi @Sausagefingers,

have you checked that you have no other routes going to Icon Bass except the one you’re working on?
I second @easteelreath in suggesting the use of the MIDI Monitor on the MIDI IN of the plugin, to check what messages are arriving.

Moreover, be sure to use the same plugin preset when you compare the behaviour in different songs. Suppose you saved a preset with vibrato on (not sure if it is possible since I do not know the plugin)…in that case MIDI messages are not responsible for it.

Just my 2 cents,

So far I have only used the default preset because there is so much you can do with Icon Bass via EQ, amps, cabs and pedals.

So far the only thing I haven’t done is start from scratch, simply because I had to upgrade to Kontakt Player 7 in order to run Icon Bass, and am slowly working my way through all my songs doing the upgrade. I have a vested interest, in that I am slowly getting rid of Halion Sonic, which I have been using for my bass guitars until now. I have had sever problems with Steinberg, and am at the mercy of their dreadful licensing system which, as the mood takes it decides that my licence is no longer valid. But rather than simply use “Replace Plug-in”, I completely delete Halion Sonic and then add Kontakt Player 7 as a new plug-in.

So tonight’s task will be to create a song frlom scratch to see if that helps, along with using the MIDI Monitor as you have also suggested.

Wish me luck!

The point I’m trying to make is if CC001 (MOD) sends a 127 value and the vibrato starts then if CC001 sends a 0 value and the vibrato does not stop, the problem is in the plugin and not midi filters/Cantabile.

Thanks, easteelreath! It turns out that it is an idiosyncrasy of the plug-in.

On its opening screen amongst all the other data is a box detailing Vibrato and Expression, the latter operating a little differently. The vibrato has a level indicator which correlates directly with the mod wheel position, and if when setting it up I clicked the “Notes Only” option in Cantabile, whatever level the vibrato was indicating remains, simply because it is now not seeing any CC1 messages! And it holds that setting when the plug-in is closed down, and is still there next time I open it up.

It turns out that all I had to do was click and drag the indicator to zero, and all is good. So even though there are a load of songs with this problem, it is a very simply issue to put things right next time I use that song!

So life is good!

Thanks all for your help!

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I would also find that disconcerting that a plugin retains its last state as default when loaded for another song. When a certain “thing” is expected, such as no vibrato on a new song, a song binding “on load” can send CC1 = 0 to the plugin to make sure every song always has no vibrato at initial load.

Target would be ICON for your situation. I have to do that a lot with expression pedals and also have the binding in jump prevention.

I think that it is only when I have added the plug in to song with Cantabile, and that the cc1 value is memorised as part of “Save Song” within Cantabile, ie it is Cantabile which has saved the value as part of the song settings. So when that plug in appears as part of a different song the CC1 value will be a different one. Over time, as I go back and correct all those songs where I had set things up wrong, then all instances of Icon Bass in my Cantabile songs will show CC1 as “0”!

On reflection the problem has only occurred as I have upgraded Kontakt Player to version 7 and at the same time added Icon Bass to existing songs. I use the mod wheel a lot with other vsts and Mx61 voices, so almost certainly the CC1 value has been higher than “0” during the setting-up procedure, so Cantabile has been saving a value I hadn’t realised I had been setting by accident!

I have since last night run Icon Bass as a standalone and the problem isn’t there, so I am pretty confident that the problem is solved. Thanks again for you help and interest!