MIDI files playlist in media player

I have a song with a plugin (Pianoteq).
I auto-record a lot of short MIDI files.
I select all files and set them in a playlist.
I want to play the whole playlist continuously in the media player I have created with Pianoteq.
How can I do it ?
Thanks !

Hear ya go, Gaston:


Thanks Ade, I’ll try this.
In the meantime I stay with C2, playback is easier…

I think you’ll find the same issues apply, Gaston. I actually developed this sequence of triggers to do exactly this task in C2.
It’s far easier in C3 to get the commands in.
Here’s a song you can download with the bindings already created.
Just add your songs to the media player and choose the required binding combination as I’ve set out.
1+3 = Load and Wait for Play to be pressed. Advance to next file on Stop
2+3 = AutoPlay file and advance to next file on Stop
2+4 = AutoPlay file and Stop at end

autoplay.cantabileSong (34.3 KB)