Midi file channel assignment

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Ok, so I’ve exported a MIDI file from my Kronos. There’s only about 6 tracks in it, including a click track.

I want to use it in Cantabile (media player) and route the individual tracks to different plugins. Simple enough.

My problem is, the 6 tracks all seem to be coming in on channel 1. I’ve loaded the .mid file into a DAW (Studio One) and also a simple MIDI file editor, and change the channels for each track but it’s not changing the assigned channels.

So, I’m a bit stumped. Does anyone know how to properly assign the channels in the file??

If you already did this then disregard. The source channel on the mediaplayer midi routes is where I would demux the midi track. I circled a few route settings that have the Source channel changing for each route but the destination set to cha1 on both. This is because most vst synths default to channel 1 unless set otherwise or if multi timbral.


Thank you Dave, but I already had this in place.
Still stumped…!

can you post the midi file in a zip file form here for me to examine?

Sure I can… hopefully it’s attached! Thank you!

hhopes_midifile.zip (1.2 KB)

Hey Andy,

I found the problem but it would be good to know what channels you would like the tracks assigned to. The file you sent had all the tracks assigned to output on Channel one but the track structure was maintained and allowed re-assignment of the tracks. So, do you want the tracks numbered 1 thru 6? Or different? I will post the modified MIDI file that I set to separate output channels 1 thru 6 for you to test. If it works out I will show you a good tool to fix this stuff if you want.

hhopes modified.zip (1.2 KB)

Let me know if it works or the channel configuration needs changing :slight_smile:


That’s so awesome, thanks for fixing it! I’m intrigued though, which tool do you use?
I tried a simple midi file editor “MidiEditor” to try to reassign the channels, but it didn’t seem to work…

I’ll d/l now and check out the changes!

(oh, and assignment to 1-6 was fine, thank you)

I use Sekaiju and here’s the link. It is very extensive so after you get a look at it I can help you use it if you need me to.


Since it’s Japanese you will need to fix the init file to do English by the way …


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Ok, that seems ok to use…
So I presume the Output Channel is what you changed for each track? Was it as simple as that, or more to it?

No more to it, you’ve got it. Just adjust the output channels on the tracks re-save and away you go.


Damn, sounds too easy!
Can’t change the tempo though, weirdly.

Anyway, thanks @dave_dore - much appreciated helping me out here!