Midi delay plugin - best place for it in background rack?

I have a Behringer X Touch mini control surface. I have some of my bindings to it in the background rack, and some in specific instrument racks.

For example the master gain binding is in the background rack, and needs to be accessible all the time.
A button that increments the “piano rack” state is bound in the piano rack, and only needs to be active when that rack is active.

Typically each button has 2 bindings - an incoming binding into C3 to capture the button press and an outgoing binding to switch the LED on or off.

I want to delay ALL outbound midi messages to this device by 100ms because the unit toggles the LED locally when the button is pressed. I need to send my LED status from C3 after it has finished doing this.

I am trying the PIZMIDI delay plugin. If I insert it into the backround rack directly then I can use it from the bindings within the background rack.

But I can’t then access this instance of the plugin from the piano rack.

Any suggestions where best to put the plugin? Should I put it in a rack I have called Global OUT which contains my final EQ, and is part of all songs?


Some bindings in Cantabile (notably those with source types such as Song OnLoad etc) have a built-in selectable time delay - it’s a shame the bindings you’re using don’t. Perhaps @brad could add this to the wishlist, having a time delay on more/all bindings?

I think if I were trying to solve your problem, I’d create a “Control Surface” rack specifically dealing with input/output from/to your control surface. I may move some of those background bindings into the rack, although anything that really is very “global” I’d probably keep in the background rack, such as the master gain (particularly so it’s not interrupted when you switch songs).

But most importantly I’d put the MIDI delay plugin into the Control Surface rack, and set it up so that MIDI data sent into the rack is sent out to your control surface via the MIDI delay. So if you want bindings in your piano rack, you’d probably want those to go out of the piano rack “Rack MIDI Out”, and then route that MIDI into your Control Surface rack, which would then go via the MIDI delay and out to the hardware.

You could of course put this stuff into your Global Out rack, since you probably have that there in every song. I think for me personally, I’d prefer to have a separate rack for dealing with your control surface, just because they’re doing quite different jobs.

Another option, closer to what you’re doing now, is simply to have two instances of your MIDI delay plugin - one in your background rack, and maybe on in your piano rack.


Neil, that sounds reasonable - I’ll give it a try.

I was hoping to find a “delay” option on the midi filter menu, but no.

At the moment, I’ve got BOME as the “centre of the universe” with all hardware mappings coming into there and then routing back out to the applications. This has got quite complicated, so I’m seeing if I can make C3 the new “centre of the universe” instead, with BOME as an outboard MIDI processor for the 2 or 3 things that C3 doesn’t do.

Just to close this off - I’ve ended up moving all my routing and bindings into C3, and out of BOME. I still send some MIDI traffic out of C3, into BOME and then onwards to a device or app for a few things I can’t do in C3. Such as this delay.