MIDI Controller Numbers

What utility are any of you Windows users employing to do MIDI analysis? I have used MIDI-OX in the past, and… of course… Cantabile has a MIDI monitor built in.

My issue is both of these show, for instance: if I have the MIDI monitor on a port in Cantabile (or MIDI-OX) and move the Modulation Wheel, I see that I am sending CC events for the Mod Wheel and their values.

The problem is that you do not see that it is CC1.

Now… typically you can look at a chart and find the number, but it would be nice to just see the data in a little more “raw” state.

My end game currently is that I am trying to map my Yamaha KB’s Channel Aftertouch to the Mod Wheel, and try as I may… I am not picking the correct CC#… because in this case, I can’t find it on any chart I have, and all of the utilities I have at my command only show the message as Channel Aftertouch.

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I use Bome MIDI Translator a lot. It has a great logging display. But, it’s kind of a hold over from other software I used that isn’t as flexible as C3 in MIDI routing. Mapping channel after touch, that isn’t a control (MIDI Bx nn), it’s MIDI Dx nn. You may want to look at MT if you need to do a lot of this kind of thing.

Here’s the right MIDI filter:

As @RackedBrain wrote, it’s not mapping controller numbers but rather mapping different kinds of MIDI messages. Fortunately, @brad has already implemented this in C3’s MIDI filters.

I use this mapping frequently: good for one-handed organ soloing (spinning leslie speed up and down via after touch) while your left hand is busy doing other things.





That’s right! I forgot about that. It’s it’s own separate entity. Been quite a while since I delved in deep.


Once again… you’re “da man!”


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