Midi controller binding name/alias

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Hello there,
Hopefully I’ll explain this properly.
I have a korg nanokontrol and all the controllers are set up to be unique CC numbers.
However, in Cantabile is there a way to set them up permanently (say in a rack) with a name so I remember which one relates to which CC number?
I would use the learn functionality but I’m sometimes just at the computer without keys or controller so would like to map the right controllers on the nanokontrol to the plugin parameters.
Anyone done something like this before?


You could create a midi port for every single controller and filter it with Cantabiles midi filter. But this would lead to 18 midi ports (9x faders, 9x knobs).
There is no other way to name each controller…

Simpler would be using a logical CC pattern f.e. cc1-9 for the faders and cc11-19 for the knobs.

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For my Korg Kontrol2, I put all the CCs in the Background Rack with comments.


Alas, it’s what I thought. I have them numbered roughly sequentially but I skip a few like mod, volume, sustain.
I think I will try to make a cheatsheet and set it as my background image or print it.

Thanks all.

What I do is to embed these controllers in a rack and actually create a separate MIDI port for each control. Then I use bindings within the rack to convert all the individual controllers to either CC7 for volume-related controllers or CC11 for all otheres. That makes it pretty easy to create the connections in my songs - simply create a route from the respective output port to your song-specific target and insert a “controller mapping” to change the CC11 to whatever parameter your plugin expects.

Same with bindings in your song: use your rack outputs as source - simply create a binding from your rack output CC11 / 7 to the respective VST parameter

I use this all the time - makes my songs far more manageable. All my keyboard controllers are encapsulated in three racks

  • Keys / modulation / pitchbend / aftertouch - separate outputs for each
  • Pedals - go to the “pedals” rack with separate outputs for sustain, sostenuto and expression - this way it’s easy to route the pedals independent of upper or lower KB
  • Controllers - go to the “faders” rack and have tons of individual outputs, named for purpose, not for fader number. I label my faders / pots on my keyboards with “keys master volume”, “keys solo volume”, “guitar volume”, “string layer vol”, “string layer eq”, etc - then I have the ports on my fader rack that reflect that.

Hope this helps!



Thanks for all the input.

I won’t go so far as to create a separate port for each control but I’m going to group them like you’ve done Torsten.
I’ve also made my desktop background a layout of the korg nanokontrol with all the CC numbers so I can use that as reference.