MIDI Control routing in Solo

I was using Cantabile Lite (no control routing) for a long time and had setup all these patches with Voltage Modular as an effects plugin to add a breath controlled filter to patches. Well, this weekend my MIDI controller became un-mapped in the modular synth, which was maddening. One of my favorite setups is ODSAY with breath doing filter frequency, that goes into Voltage Modular which had breath doing frequency again and resonance, etc. in varying degrees. Anyhow, I was playing around with the MIDI controls in Cantabile Solo and it’s pretty easy to set the range of breath (CC:02) to 0-80 or whatever instead of 0-127. That’s how you dial in the breath response for the specific patch and all that. ODSAY only has MIDI learn to one parameter, but that actually works pretty well for what I’m doing. Some synths like Surge and Synth1 allow you to set a range or amount of MIDI control. ODSAY does not. And ODSAY is a pretty awesome sounding synth for leads and bass. Not sure if I can route the MIDI control in a synth like Evol (which has no MIDI learn) but if I get that figured out, it would be a game changer. I was mostly using the modular plugin as a cheat, since the MIDI controls are really good and easy to setup. I’m sure many here have been doing this kind of thing for a long time, but it’s exactly the reason I upgraded from Lite to Solo. And for the ability to map breath to aftertouch in Cantabile for synths like Daedalus that don’t recognize CC:02. Now, I’ll probably edit some of my patches without using the second filter. Sometimes, necessity is the mother of invention!


On a related note, I just discovered the embedded rack thing. Which will be useful, I need to start running EQ to balance out the frequency response of my keyboard amp. I was already adding a compressor/limiter to all my patches to smooth out the peaks a bit, so I’ll probably drop those two in a rack.

btw, I replaced that speaker and it sounds much better now without trying to EQ around the issues.