MIDI Control of MIDI Features

Hi All,

I’ve just had an enquiry from a user who would like to be able to selectively enable/disable synth features like sustain, after-touch, pitch bend, mod wheel etc… and it occurred to me that this is something that would typically be done in a synth, but could also be implemented by selectively suppressing various MIDI events.

eg: if would be reasonably easy to create a binding to a plugin to enable/disable pitch-bend support which essentially just suppresses all pitch bend events.

It could also be implemented as MIDI filter.

I’m wondering if anyone else would find this useful?


I would use it if it were there, yes. Thanks for asking.

Would this achieve anything we can’t already do with route filters?

Hi Neil,

Filters lets you suppress certain events but they don’t let you use a CC to turn those events on/off.


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Just getting started with V3, so not an expert (ignore if I’m HUA).

I often turn off some controllers based on the song (for example, I turn off CC7 on some parts that I don’t need to cresc/dim with the pedals).

I am still looking into these, but I found that there are some cases where I’d like to map controls on a synth to different events/controls. For example I use a NUMA (1) organ and it would be nice to be able to map the various drawbars to different CC’s based on the VST I’m using.