MIDI Clock when Transport is not Running?

Hi, all

Just want to check I am not missing something. I can sync my synths to the transport when it is running, but there is the odd song where I do not need a backing track. I just need all synths to be tempo synced.

However, I cannot find a way to make Cantabile to continuously send its clock (I can do it in Cubase). Is this at ll possible? If not can it be added as a feature?


The only way to send MIDI clock is to have Cantabile’s master transport playing (or any master-enabled MIDI player).

Not sure what it is that you want to tempo sync on your synths, but here is my scenario: on some songs, I need my external vocal FX (delay) to be tempo-synced, so I simply use a first state that starts transport->play on state load and then stops it again after 5000ms. This is enough to sent enough MIDI tempo information to my VoiceLive so the tempo-synced delay plays nice.

Of course you need to set the MIDI ports that your synths are connected to to actually send MIDI clock - but I guess you’ve done that already, since things work out with backing tracks.

And yes, you can keep the transport running as well if you want, but I just don’t want to send unnecessary MIDI data after the tempo has been set…




Hi, Torsten

Thanks for the reply. That’s an interesting idea of yours, which I could try to see if it gets the external units in sync and then they stay in sync for the duration of the song.

My “use case” is that I may have a Performance with a Pattern running on the Montage and a KARMA patten running on the Kronos, so they need to be in sync with each other and possibly with some VSTi as well in Cantabile.

Some songs I am making have a backing component as well, so there the transport is running and everything works as expected (so, yes, the clock routes are set up :slight_smile: )

However, some songs have no backing track, so I just need a common clock source for everything, and that is where I have failed without having the transport running.

I’ll try your idea, but (“triggered” by your idea :slight_smile: ) I just thought that another way of doing it is to try a binding on song load that just kicks the transport off even if it has nothing to do but provide the clock. I’ll give these a go later and report back.

I still think that the option to send clock when transport is stopped would still be a good feature.


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The idea of just starting the Cantabile Transport, set to the required BPM, on song load via a binding seems to work. :slight_smile:

I am not sure if it will be an issue or not, but the tempo of my Montage, which is shown in the touch screen, varies around the BPM set in the Cantabile transport. Only by one BPM, but I don’t see that when I use Cubase as a master clock.

So as a general question, if any folks out there re doing something similar to me (mix of live and soft synths that you want all tempo synced), do you have one of the keyboards as a clock master or Cantabile?


PS: My “ad-Lib noodle” set for an up coming open mic session is coming together. It is great to be able to add the VSTs in a live context to the Montage and Kronos (with Nord G2 Engine held in reserve!). I am getting some beautiful layering and combinations with just Omnisphere and DIVA, so I am barely scratching the surface of the possibilities that this new rig will offer! :slight_smile:

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Hold on just one cotton-pickin’ minute there!

Some VST’s pick up the tempo settings just fine without the transport needing to run. The Korg Legacy Wavestation VST is one I use with the tempo adjusted every single week for a show.

Is that doing something differently? (It is not triggered by the transport - it is always free-running, triggered by playing a note.)

Maybe I should read all the posts here more carefully…


EDIT - Ah, I see you are sending sync to real synths, not VST’s. Ignore me.

I refuse to ignore you Terry :laughing:

Happy Holidays

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Hiya, Terry

Yes, this is an issue with clock not going to external synths when the transport is stopped. I’d like to see that as a feature, but in the meantime the workaround of kicking off the transport via a binding on song load works for me :slight_smile:


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