Midi automation

Hello everyone !

I was wondering if there is a way to have a midi automation with time or tempo.

let’s say I want to just push a buton or a key and the volume of one of my vst will automatically fade out in 4 seconds or in 2 bars

Is this something that exist in cantabile ?

There might be ways within Cantabile, but I’ve used CodeFN42 CCStepper to output midi CC which can be bound to volumes, modulations, etc.

Thank you I’ll check that !

Doesn’t exist within Cantabile itself, but there are some tricky solutions that you can use to achieve this.

Simplest solution is to record a MIDI file with a timed controller fade from 127 to 0 and use this in a media player to control your instrument volume. Use a binding for “play” on this media player and let it run its course.

I’ve built some ReaJS scripts to create smooth controller fades - you can also use them to do this, e.g. this one

And of course, there’s @dave_dore’s famous auto fade rack:



FWIW I currently have a similar situation where I want to have a 10 sec volume swell at the end of a song (Brass on Make Me Smile). Dave Dore has some awesome fader racks but would require some time to learn and modify. So I built a series of bindings at the Song level (which I will soon migrate to a rack). I’m away from my rig so can’t show a screenshot but essentially it’s song state, on load, the rack I want to swell (not the racks midi in), delay of 1000 ms, gain, and a value 2 db higher than starting point. Then just copy and paste and change the delay and vol/db to a larger value, repeat until you have the length you want. Very easy to tweak, and if you go to 1DB increments and smaller increases in the delay it gets even smoother. Oddly, by about the third or fourth binding the delay times seem to be larger than what I entered, but by simply reducing the delay and trying it a few different ways I can get the length I need. Also works on song volume or master levels. I’m sure someone else has used this work around but I didn’t find anything like that in my searches here. Hope that helps!

Hi Arsy,

I made a bunch of utility racks to try to deal with fades but I agree with Tom that they are a bit cumbersome to use. I can’t see investing more time in the racks and await a built in Cantabile option that @Torsten and me and others have asked for, it would be my preferred way to do fades. I think the new advances @brad is working can include this feature at some point.



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fwiw: the new bindings stuff has much of the underlying work to make animations run smoothly on the audio thread. However, for its initial release I’m just aiming to cover existing binding functionality and build from there.


Really looking forward to being able to apply time-triggered fades to bindings. That truly would be the icing on an already tasty cake!


Thank you all for the informations !

Yes indeed I tried to understand dave’s autofader but it’s beyond my understanding at this time :sweat_smile:

I’ll try the other ways you described !

And yes I will avidly wait for the new feature from brad !