MIDI assignments in racks

Working into a rack, in MIDI assignments there is a target called States. But there is referred to Song States, not to Rack States. I am wrong?
I would like to have the possibility of change rack states sending a MIDI control without changing the Song State
It’s possible?


This should be possible. You create the midi assignment on the inside of the rack (it has options there for “Rack States”). That way it won’t affect the “Song State” Open the rack, Go to midi assignments. The options are available there. I can’t get it to work though so maybe @brad can help.

I’m sorry, but I don’t find it.
I go into the rack and then to Midi Assignment. Here I can program changes in the configuration of the set of plugins when I send a midi control to Cantabile. It’s very usefull, But if you take States as a Target and you selects Next(instant) or Previous, when you shots the control, it changes to the next song state, not to the next in the rack.
If you want to go to a particular state in the selection list you’ll find a song states list.
I don’t know how to pass from a rack state to other without changing the Song State
Why so complicated? Because I find that, if you use ever the same set of plugins, changes between songs, or song states, takes mutch more time that changes between rack states. Now I’m using a song like a setlist, and song states as songs

It is me who is sorry, I checked up on what I told you and you are right. The rack states cannot be changed remotely as far as I can tell. I think Brad will have to answer this one.



I found this in the user guides on the website page for States

I think that answers it ! :grinning:


Actually that “future update” is old text - it should be updated to say it’s now possible, except…

This should work, but I think there are a couple of issues. I’ve logged it for now and will address it soon.

(sorry, I’m kind of fully focused on this at the moment).


This is fixed in 3098.

There’s a new assignable target when editing racks “Rack States” (as opposed to “Song States”) that let you control the rack’s state independently of the song state.

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