microSDXC card for sample storage?

I have a Windows 11 laptop that I use with C3 for live performance. I have filled the internal 2TB SSD and was wondering if I could move my large Sampletank folders to a microSD (my laptop has an internal microSD card reader) or if this is a bad idea. The cost of replacing my SSD with a 4TB stick is cost-prohibitive. The newer microSDXC cards support up to 160MB/s data transfer rates.

160MB/s is quite a low speed, twice as a 5400rpm HDD, but still low.
What about an USB3 external SSD?

That’s certainly an option, although it is an extra external USB device to deal with out at gigs. The microSD card is essentially an internal device and part of the laptop. But the SSD would be orders of magnitude faster. Thanks for the suggestion, cpaolo!

Incidentally, this is my backup laptop. My primary laptop has two internal SSDs, so moving the Sampletank libraries resulted in no loss of performance.

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I am using a micro SD card to store all Sampletank sound samples. As long as the paths are set right they load quick enough. I’ve got a Surface Pro 6 modified for high performance but limited to 512Gb SSD. The microSD is also 512GB. The only things that don’t work are Helix Native and HXEdit. Are you listening Line6?

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Thank you for the information! I actually used an older microSD card with a Kontakt library as a test and the load time was pretty reasonable. The new card I ordered is rated up to 120mb/sec so should be even faster.