Micro-Bug in the Classic Control Curve file

I think this may be a micro-error that has no significant affect on anything other than my sensibility for perfection (and I’m also curious if I’m reading this wrong) but …

In Cantabile (Classic).cantabileControlCurve, the definition:

"scalarToPosition(x)": "x<=0 ? 0 : x==1 ? 0.75 : x<1 ? (1+toDb(x, -60)/60)*0.73 : 0.77+0.23*toDb(x, -60)/14",

… uses the call toDb(x, -60) twice. Since toDb() takes an Amplitude of an audio signal (a “scalar” in Cantabile’s descriptions), I think that’s always a non-negative value up to some small positive number (like 2 to 10). The negative case has already been accounted for in any case, so I’m thinking that simply calling toDb(x) would work (and skip the miniscule extra overhead).

EDIT: And the same issue come up in the scalarToPosition(x) definition in Cantabile (Classic MIDI).cantabileControlCurve