Metronome/tap tempo weirdness

I have media players in songs synced to the metronome and I’m using the tap tempo option, via a binding to a foot switch, to set the tempo a few bars before triggering the MIDI file so that it starts in time with the rest of the ensemble.

Sometimes, not every time, but sometimes all starts as I intend but then the metronome will change on its own. My foot is nowhere near the pedal I’m tapping, my hands are on my keyboard so I’m not accidentally clicking anything… I’m flummoxed. Is it possible there would somehow be embedded tempo information in the MIDI file that would somehow override the tempo I set on Cantabile’s metronome? Any other ideas of things I should look for?

yup, MIDI files can contain tempo information; you may need to edit that out with your sequencer of choice before you can use the MIDI file with your own tempo.

If you have the MIDI file as the master then Cantabile’s master transport tempo will track the tempo of the MIDI file. If the MIDI file is a slave, it should sync to the metronome - which can be set via the tap tempo binding. Sounds like you’re using the second option in which case the MIDI file shouldn’t be affecting the tempo of the metronome.

So the question then becomes what else might be changing the tempo.

  • a binding that’s adjusting the tempo - perhaps a binding in a rack that the MIDI file is connected to?
  • does this happen on a state change? Songs store tempo on a per-state basis typically?

If this is easily reproducible I’d start with disabling the tap tempo binding and see if the tempo still shifts around when you don’t expect it to.

In short though - no, if the midi file isn’t the master transport it shouldn’t be affecting the tempo.