Metronome sound

Hi @brad ,
is there a way to have different sounds for the metronome? E.g. rim-shot, bell, hi-hat, ecc.? Different drummers prefer different sounds (as it happens in my different bands/projects) so it’d be a good idea to have some basic/standard different sounds to choose from. Please let me know if this can be embedded in a next update. Thank you.

Hi Mistheria,

There is a way if you have your own sample files. I customized my metronome with a Bass kick and Sidestick sound. This may not be what you want but might help in the mean time. At the bottom of the picture you see the places to change the sound.


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Thanks @dave_dore !
Oh yes it somehow doable so and I can solve it this way. I’ve seen already several times this page/option but didn’t remember about it right now :slight_smile:

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On the subject of metronome sounds, I have yet to find a way to choose which audio port to route the metronome sounds to. What am I overlooking?

Hi Neil,

I choose mine in the Tools>Options>Audio Ports. The Main Speakers out and the Metronome Audio ports are automatically created by C3. If the Metronome doesn’t exist or got erased in the audio out ports list then create a Stereo Out port and name it “Metronome” and it will then allow you to select the output port in the pop up window for the port assignments. This works for me here anyway.



Excellent, thanks Dave! I think mine must have got deleted.

Just made it… :ok_hand:


Just discovered a “bug” (maybe?).

I’ve a song that starts “3/4 - 47bpm” then at bar 22 it metronome changes to “4/4 - 140bpm”. Well, it works perfectly but the first beat on bar 22 includes a loud scratch/noise! The metronome output indicator (top-right) goes overload. Same problem on another song with time signature and tempo changes.

This is especially a problem for drummer having (as usual) loud volume headphones to hear metronome during live performance, even dangerous! Please @brad and @dave_dore do you know about it?

Also another issue:

I’ve the metronome set as “3/4 - 47bpm” but inside the track the midifile has 8th notes (2 notes per beat). Cantabile plays only the note on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd beats ignoring the off-beat notes. Why not all notes inside the .mid are being played? When the tempo is so slow (47) it needs to count two notes per beat.

Please let me know if it can be fixed, thank you.

Hi Mistheria,

I had that problem when the samples I chose for replacement were too long to start with, so at the faster tempos the metronome would keep time but skip sounding some of the beat sounds. What I did was to shorten the samples using an editor to a length that eliminated those problems. To be sure of this you can test the regular Metronome sounds and you will find they don’t have the same problem. I think that is the problem but it may be something else.


Thanks @dave_dore , I did already short the sample, how many sec or ms is your sample? I can try short it even more and test the issue again. I’ll keep you posted…

Bass drum sample for Measure sounds is 1.36 secs
Beat cross stick sample for Beat sounds is .036 secs


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Mine is 100ms. Here attached if you can/want test it: (18.2 KB)

I’ll need to reproduce these problems - can you send me a copy of the MIDI and sound files so I can check it out?

That shouldn’t happen - the metronome is supposed to handle up to 5 concurrent “voices”.

Hi @brad,

Well, it does, but it doesn’t show until you run the more intense time signatures at high tempos like 8/16 at 150 bpm and up. The sample playback procedure doesn’t keep up with the clock. It mostly shows on the beat sound. The supplied sounds work fine on all time signatures and tempos. If you like I can send some example files. Let me know. My issue is not related to Mistheria’s issue I think.


Sure, send 'em through…

Done, I sent them over.

Hi @brad thanks for checking this issue, here attached the metronome sound I use and the click midi track: (18.5 KB)

In this midi file two issues:

  1. at tempo/timesign change there is a scratch noise.
  2. at the beginning the midi counts 8th notes instead C3 plays only 3 beats.