Metronome request

would it be possible to modify the gui so that if sound is disabled, the visual representation of the bpm is more visible? Maybe a single icon which pulses on each beat.

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Hi Lee,

I’m certainly open to suggestions here, but first, are you aware of the flashing tempo indicator in the controller bar? Do you mean something like that, but somewhere else?


Yes, I’m aware of the flashing tempo indicator. I would like to have something more visible- maybe the metronome icon itself, a little large and flashing on each beat. When I’m playing live and need to set the tempo for a song, something more obvious would be helpful.

OK, Logged It

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Let me add one request to this: could we have a metronome that ALWAYS flashes - not only when transport is enabled? I am still one of these traditional musicians who play WITHOUT backing tracks, so I don’t usually have anything to play back. But I still set my song tempo for all my songs; mainly to set the time base for tempo delays (dotted eights…).

Having a metronome indicator that flashes even when no transport is running would be helpful to start at the right tempo. Of course, this should be optional; don’t want to annoy people who don’t want their metronome to flash all the time. Maybe this could even be a state behavior for the metronome - I could activate the flashing per song state - COOOL!




Sounds reasonable - added a note to the same Trello card.

I really like this idea, Torsten, and I’d actually thought about it myself previously (but didn’t think anyone else would find it useful, so never suggested it!). Having it driven by song state would be excellent, so it could just kick in for those songs/states where you need a tempo guide.


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Build 3174 includes a new tap tempo button on the main toolbar that flashes with tempo and it can also be made to flash even when the transport isn’t running:

These can’t be controlled by states at the moment (they’re global settings to be consistent with the metronome sound settings - I might enhance this at some point) but they are bindable:

There are also regular commands for these so you can bind a PC key stroke to them if you like.


Very cool Brad. Just what I was hoping for. I continue to be impressed by your ingenuity and customer commitment :relaxed:

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