Metronome - emphasise beat 1?


I was showing Cantabile to a new player tonight and he asked about the metronome. I’ve not used it before, so I may be doing something dumb, but I couldn’t get it to emphasise the first beat of a bar, no matter how I set the levels on the control bar.

What am I missing?

And is there any way to have the metronome send me a controller message (not notes) - say value 127 for beat 1, value 64 for beats 2-4?


There is a right click option on the Metronome controls that enable/disables that. It might be the cause.


That’s a James Brown beat! “It’s all about the one”.


The right-click option did it!

I feel as if I know Cantabile quite well now, yet still it surprises and delights me! :grin:


Don’t forget, the last knob on the metronome bar also controls the balance between the beat 1 and other beat sounds.