Métronome audition

Hi friends,
It’s been a long Since I didn’t wrote !

Is it possible to have a métronome audition before I start playing a song?

Thanx a lot if you have any answer.

Hi Rey,

Yes, I set up an embedded rack in the Background rack to do it but you could do it a lot of ways. The main thing that makes it work is with the transport set to metronome and uses a binding that starts the Transport on Song load and a binding that stops the transport after a few measures.




Thank you.
I see the idea.

But what I would need is just the metronome beating on load, before I press play on the transport.

Cause all my songs begins from mesure 0, from the start.

I’d like the metronome working in load without pressing the play button…

I’ve tried the flash at stop !
Could have been perfect but not reflecting in stream deck… :sob:

I might be able to fix that.

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Interesting really !

Hi Brad,

Could it be possible to have metronome sound on load song as option, without the transport is playing ?

I had a quick look at both these:

  • make metronome flash while stopped work in streamdeck
  • make metronome sounds play while stopped

Both will require a bit more re-engineering than I hoped. The flash while stopped functionality is really only implemented in the front end UI. To make this work for the above two cases I need to refactor things and move it down into the engine.

It shouldn’t be particularly hard to do, but it is risky and I’m trying to stabilize things at the moment so I’m going to hold off on it a bit, but have logged it here so I don’t lose track of it.

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Thank you very much !

About the metronome again… volume, I Can’t exceed the 7,5 db using “increase the volume” through streamdeck.
Normally we should go to 14db, as far as I remembre with the button.

Is it something wanted for safe ?

Hi @daveurope,

This is a hard coded limit in the StreamDeck plugin code. This value was chosen as it matches the limit of the gain sliders in Cantabile with the default gain curve.

The gain knob on the metronome has a limit of +14dB though - not sure why that is, but it would seem that’s the anomaly rather than the StreamDeck.

Do you need to go to +14dB?


Drummers are deaf. You know… Lol