Metric Halo Channelstrip side-chain?

Has anybody tried to use Metric Halo Channelstrip with sidechain enabled in Cantabile?

I tried to manually add the sidechain input but in the “Edit Input Channel Port” I can only assign Ch #1 and #2. I would expect Ch #3 and #4 to be visible there but they aren’t.

I can use the same plugin’s sidechain input in Reaper - it sees the sidechain input as “auxilliary”.

And for example, I can assign in3 and 4 for the reacomp plugin inside Cantabile.

But the combination of MH Channelstrip and Cantabile seems to not provide the sidechain.
Has anyone tried this and maybe successfully enabled the sidechain?

Thanks and best regards,

Ah, obviously I messed something when I thought it works in Reaper, I tried again with no luck… Seems like vst version is crippled but I’m waiting for MH reply…