Method to operate two Key Switches simultaneously

Greeting, all!

I use software (Samplemodeling’s French Horn) that uses Key Switches to cause different articulations to happen. I use a USB/MIDI foot switch (3 button) to send Notes to the VST.

My dilemma is caused by the 2nd Key Switch level. It is accessed by holding “C0” and the pressing the regular Key Switch note (C1 - A#1). This would require setting my Foot Switch to send out one note an have Cantabile process it as C0 plus the necessary Key Switch. (ie: the required Key Switch is in the 2nd group, so it would require a C0 sent at the same time).

Hopefully, I explained this clearly.



Hey Doug,

Do you know the value of the 2nd level note after the C0? If so you might be able to use a binding with triggers.




not sure if this is it but here is my response to your question



Thanks for the images (and sorry for not getting back to you sooner). I didn’t look at the Forum and see that you had posted examples. I’ll check out your suggestions tomorrow (when I’m back in front of the PC & Cantabile).

Thanks again!