Messages send from an external soft

Hello, I am using cantabile with inside vst especially halion. I created states (kind of registration corresponding to each time a different sound) that I call by program change. In these states I route the incoming MIDI channel to a different MIDI channel (corresponding to that of the selected sound loaded in Halion). Using this configuration I realized that in Halion I’m getting changes of control before program changes … ??? Suddenly, the volumes, panoramics, reverb and everything else affect the previously loaded sound. My question:
Is it Varranger who sends this information in this order or cantabile sorting on arrival … ???
A solution?
Thank you in advance…
PS: I’m sorry, I am a new registred user of cantabile performer, and my english is poor!!!

Hi Balmes and Welcome to the Forum,

I’m not quite sure but it sounds like you send a program change to Cantabile to change a song or a rack state (not sure what version you are running). When you do it changes OK but it also changes other things inside Halion as well. This is likely because you have the Program change also being recognized by Halion itself at the same time as Cantabile is acting on the same command. To remedy this you need a suppression filter on the actual plugin (Halion). To do that select the plugin Halion while on the routes page and right click, then select MIDI Filters.

In the pop up window select Edit and then Suppress Events.

Then check the Programs box in the next pop up and hit Close.


That should prevent the program changes from reaching Halion. Hope this is relevant and helps. If not post back and I’m sure some of us will get to the answer.


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Thank you for your help and your answer. I have seen these possibilities, besides I have indeed removed the program changes in the filter before midday halion, but I want to keep control changes that happen. In fact my external soft sends first the pg, then the volume of chorus, the general volume and the volume of reverb when I call a sound.The trouble is that cantabile lets pass on the current state this informations before changing. In fact I would like to delay the cc to give the PG time to change the state.

Hi Balmes,

It sounds like the States Behavior for your vsti’s (your un-named software synth and your Halion) needs to be set. Have you already done this? If not I think that it may be the trouble. For the devices used the state behaviors are important to set for each element of the patch you want saved with each state. Try this vid if you haven’t already and we’ll see.

If possible post a screen shot of your routes page with the routes expanded and your bindings page. It helps us see the setup you have.


I indeed watched this video it is besides thanks to her that I thought to create my current configuration. The app I originally use is a virtual arranger “Varranger²” on which when you select a sound stored in a registration, it sends as I said in this order the pg then the cc.J’ai made several tests in cantabile with halion, every time I realize that control changes happen before the change of program … It works only if I call directly the sounds in halion parts. Unfortunately there is too much waiting between 2 sounds. My only solution for now would be to set the control levels once and for all in halion and remove the changes via the midi filter!AvThHGfQDx4OjOBy9OSrmPqKihZVJg

Eureka !!! I found! In fact in the “bindings” function of “states” which allows me to call the sounds via PG, you have to click on the source right then in the “routing mode” choose “Block until complete” … and there info is sent in order …
Ouffff !!!
Found really by chance trying right and left stuff and stuff!


Great news Balmes!

I’m glad you got it sorted out. There are so many features that I’m not surprised you reminded me of one that I had forgotten and you have helped others too. I hope the rest of it all works ok for you. :slight_smile: