Memory integrity protection turned on or off

Today I did see a windows warning:
Memory integrity protection turned off:
Fir security apparently it needs to be on, but for us?


No ideas in the forum?
@brad : can you advise?

Hi Joop,

You can read this.

I turn off all of this stuff along with virtualization, c-states, etc. I also remove the spyware and adware. I leave windows defender and firewall on. (if I needed the extra power or was performing live, I might turn them off to avoid glitches).

However, I only use Windows for Cantabile. My daily driver is Linux. I only connect to the internet briefly perhaps twice a year to update licenses.

If your music computer is connected to the internet, it is probably better to keep all of the protection that you can.




I don’t have enough data to have an opinion on this.

But some more information about it here that might help you make a decision:

Enable memory integrity - Windows Security | Microsoft Learn

my computer is “music only”, but I also connect to the internet for Youtube, vst’s, this forum etc. I keep it on for now, I do not have the impression that is has a large impact.