Melda MVintage Rotary problem

I’ve reinstalled Mvintage Rotary on my new laptop. It works, BUT I cannot get it to recognize my sustain pedal. I’ve followed the instructions to ensure that cc64 is associated with slow/fast Leslie speed, but pressing the sustain pedal does nothing.

Anyone else using this plugin? Suggestions?

Hi Lee,

does the midi indicator light up the binding for the cc64 pedal to the MVRotary plugin when you press it?

Or are you not using a binding and just sending midi straight to the plugin?


I see what happened. I had not added it to the Input Ports section of the song

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after a couple of years in the closet, I’ve reinstalled this plugin again. I have the leslie speed associated with the sustain pedal (cc64). However, the sustain function continues to work.

How do I disable the sustain function while keeping the leslie speed control with cc64?

Hi Lee, you’ll need a filter on the midi route to the organ plug that blocks CC64 but not one on the Leslie MIDI route. So, use 2 routes one filtered for the organ and one unfiltered for the leslie.


Of course! Makes perfect sense. Thank you Dave.

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