Mediaplayer: synchronize speed of wav/mp3 files to/with other VST instruments?

Hello, I use Cantabile Performer always for live improvising matters.
I use for example several VST instruments in a song with rhythm guitars, rhythm basses and drum VST instruments and they “automatically” sychronized together on speed/beat.
Now I search for a solution, that also mediaplayer files (wav or mp3) with drum sounds are sychronzied to other VST instruments (like e.g. rhythm guitars and basses).
I use so far the original build in Media Player of Cantabile Performer. Here I tried the different settings belongs to the “Sync Mode” settings of the Media Player without success. The played drum wav/mp3 files are always out of beat/speed sync. Even the Media Player don’t recognize beat/speed of other VST instruments or the other VST instruments don’t recognize the beat/speed of the played drum files.
Is there a way to synchronzie the speed via/within the Media Player automatically?
Or do you know other VST media players, which could do this?
What I like to prevent is, to manually “manipulate” the wav/mp3 files on speed for each song.
Here is see a risk, that the beat is after some minutes out of sync to the other VST instruments.

Kind regards