Mediaplayer Problem

3519 …I have synced a Mediaplayer with Musical time and
when ‘METRONOME’ is the time source then the Player is starting when i hit the Play button.

but if I want to trigger this with my Keyboard as time master ‘sync. to MIDI’ then the Player will not start on the Start command from my Keyboard.

Is this a bug or did I overlook something?

Is the only way to start the Player on MIDI-Start a binding?.. or should it not automaticaly start?

Hi @Juergen,

As mentioned in other post and email - I’m suspicious that your external MIDI clock isn’t configured correctly.

See this guide.


Hi Brad

My Problem is the Player:
(Only if the master transport is 'sync to MIDI’)

when I send the start command from the keyboard everything works perfekt (bindings etc.) only the mediaplayer does not start

so I create a binding >>Transport-OnStart-Mediaplayer1-Start<<

when I send the start command the green lamp (in the binding) lights up but the Player didnt start.

when i hit the arrow in that binding manually (with mouse) —> also no Reaktion, nothing happens

I dont’t know what Windows Updates do with my Surface…

but after some freezing of any Screens and no reaction of Task bar… after half a day running Windows again, and again … suddenly

…all is than ever bevor this mysteria and mediaplayer ist playing like it should do …but only for a few times and then the old Problem (green light flashes but nothing happens)

Dont know why? …
I’m starting to worry if the computer develops its own consciousness and wants to annoy me

Stay calm. Whatever you do don’t let it know you know. I suggest leaving your residence on a normal pretext- you need cigarettes, toilet paper, whatever- AND NEVER GO BACK.

No way… I don’t leave my Equipment alone… i will do it like John Conner. :wink:

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Hi @Juergen

I think I might have found the cause of this. Working on a fix for the next build…



Great! :grinning:
Thank you Brad :champagne: