Média players issue

Hello again,

Seems to be an issue in the possibility to make bindings for prev and next markers.

Where has it gone???

My old settings are still worKing… But cannot create new ones.

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Try this, click and drag the field line. it is covering the field you are looking for I think …




As simple? Ok, I go out :grin::laughing:
Hope it’s working.
Thank you very much.


This problem seems to occur every now and then. I’ve been thinking of making it so the columns can’t be resized down to nothingness (to make it more obvious the column is still there but small) and providing a separate popup window to actually hide/show columns.

Would that be better?

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How about a “reset columns” in the view menu?

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Show/hide menu is cool.
Like on cubase, you could choose only what you need.

A somewhat related problem (bug) - in Table view the State column will occasionally spontaneously resize itself to 512. And since this column has no handles for resizing it back to normal, the only way i have found to fix it is to manually edit the settings.json file. So a “reset columns” would take care of this (though if the source of the problem were found that’d be even better).


Yup, had that a couple of times, but fortunately, a re-start of Cantabile usually fixed that for me

I wish I knew what was causing that issue with the state column… it was originally reported a long time ago but I’ve never seen it myself and have no idea what’s causing it.

Reset Columns command is a good idea… added it to the trello card.

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