Media player won't open set list on 40XX


I haven’t updated to the 41XX versions yet as the warning about new file versions scares me! I have a lot of old shows in the old format that sometimes I need to go back to with very short notice and I haven’t got time in a lot of cases to debug should things go wrong (not saying that it will, but I don’t want to be throwing spanners in the works that I don’t need to).

Anyhoo, I’ve just noticed an issue with media players, which is affecting new songs and existing ones.

In version 3702, the media players open their set lists when I double click on the media player name.

In version 4062 (and an earlier 40XX version - I can’t remember which one), when I double click on the media player, it just hangs… No window pops up, nothing and I have to kill Cantabile with Task Manager.

I know @brad is not supporting these older versions any more but if anyone can shed light on this for me, I’d be grateful…




On my laptop, running 4054, it works fine…


This doesn’t happen to me (v4062). Double click on the media player shows me the set list, or no files on a blank song.

Hi @Toaster

I’ve just tested this here in 4062 and it seems to work fine. I also reviewed the release notes and changes between 4054 and 4062 and couldn’t see anything related to media players or the play list editor.

Some questions:

  1. Does this happen with a new media player in a new song?
  2. Does it also hang if you right click and choose “Playlist Editor”? (as opposed to double click)

If you’ve got the time might also be interesting to:

  1. Update your laptop to 4062 and see if it starts happening
  2. Downgrade you other machine to 4054 and see if it stops happening.

Either of those actions would help narrow down if this is related to the particular build of Cantabile, or something else going on with your machine.


Hi guys, Thanks for the replies.

I did realise that I made a typo in the OP, I’m on 4064 on the studio machine…

But to answer the questions,

This happens in new and exisiting songs and right-clicking and selecting Playlist Editor does the same thing…

Downgraded the studio machine to 4054 and it still does it, so there’s obviously an issue with this machine…

I looked at the last log, but it seems it’s not making one when it hangs and I have to close with Task Manager.

Let me know if there’s anything I can send you that’ll make sense of what’s happening.



I just tried something on a hunch and I think I reproduced the issue.

The problem is the dialog is actually appearing, but it’s offscreen and you just can’t see it. To confirm this:

  1. Double click the media player slot so it looks like it’s hung.
  2. Press Escape key - that’ll close the dialog and things will work again.

I need to put in a fix for this - I suspect Microsoft has tweaked it’s multi-monitor support again broken my work arounds for their bugs which were work arounds for other bugs. The whole thing’s a nightmare.

In the mean time you can fix this as follows:

  1. Open the play list editor
  2. Press Alt+Space you’ll see the system menu for the dialog appear in the corner of (one of) your screen(s).
  3. Choose Move (by pressing M or arrow keys + enter)
  4. Use arrow keys to slide the dialog back into view.

That should get you going until I can fix it properly.

Took a couple of hours but I tracked this down but found a work around which will be in the next build.

Fixed in build 4163 available now


Thanks as always @brad, amazing support.

I did figure it might be a window opening somewhere I couldn’t see it.