Media Player Weirdness

Hi guys,

I’m having a very strange problem with the media player.

I’ve got it set up like this:

So the media player playing the track is slaved to the one playing the click.

When the playback gets to the end, it finishes, then it plays back a very small snippet of the beginning of the track (but not the click!), like this:

Media Player (106.2 KB)

(excuse the zip file, I can’t upload .mp3s)

Anyone have any idea why it’s doing this? I’ve tried it on 2 different computers, with the song in a setlist and loaded individually… It does this with more than one song and yes, I have checked the original audio file and the glitch is not on the end of it…

Cheers in advance as always.


PS, while I’m here, how do you show the audio file at the bottom of the screen, I can’t find the setting anywhere…

Hey Pierce,

weird problem, I’d ask @brad on it, it is certainly not something I’ve seen yet.

Try View>Timeline or CTRL + E


There’s a weird thing where you have to get the same file chosen in the Media Player in each State, or if you change State the playback just stops dead.

Don’t know if that’s connected to this problem?

Thanks for the replies guys!

@brad, any ideas?

@The_Elf I noticed that when I first started using media players, you can stop that with the selected file state behaviour unchecked …

Cheers again,




Any thoughts on this issue?



Hi Pierce,

have the 2 audio tracks been exported with the same length?


Hi @Toaster,

Can you send me the two audio files so I can try to reproduce it here.


Hi @brad, sorry, been away working.

here you go…

Hi @Toaster

Thanks for that. There will be a fix for this in the next build.



Thanks @brad, out of interest, what was causing the problem?


Internal problem between the master and slave media players where the slave wasn’t picking up that the master has stopped quickly enough and managed to sync itself back to the start (where the master had returned to after stopping).

Aah, ok!

Cheers for sorting it anyhow!