Media player waveform semi-missing

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I just started seeing this issue in the past month or so. We use media player and an audio file for most songs as a backing track. Just recently, on some songs, the entire waveform doesn’t display, just the first 1/3 (about). The whole thing still plays fine, just is concerning and alarming in the middle of a performance :). Anyone else see this? Nothing else has really changed, and they’re the same files that have been there for a while.

BTW, i did just update to 5335 and it’s still there.


I noticed the same thing just yesterday, but in my case this ,occurs only in one song, where only part of the waveform of an mp3 is displayed, while the remaining part is just a flat line. The entire file is plays back fine; it’s just that the second half isn’t displayed correctly. I’m using the latest experimental build (Win10, Performer 64-bit).

I tried deleting the mp3 from the playlist and adding it again, but that didn’t work… Any ideas as to what could cause this behaviour?