Media player seems to forget start marker

Never had this before: I set a start play range in media player, hit play, ok . But when I return to the state, the mediaplayer “forgets” my marker. What am I doing wrong? Did something change?

I’m on 4062 FWIW. In the media player I can only select Range play all - is that normal?

Hi Tom,

I always thought you had to define the range and save it as a range in the range list for it to be recalled on state changes. The (All) selection will not be saved as a “Range” so if you want that choice you must also save it with a range name. I hope this helps. AFAIK it has always been that way but would invite correction just to know the history time line of the feature.

If you are just setting different start positions that play to the end you can set Markers instead of Ranges and use a binding like this to change the marker on state changes.



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Hi @Tom_Tollenaere

Did Dave’s reply help with this, or are there still an issue here?


Dave’s comment helped solve this. Behavior is different from (long time) before but never mind.