Media player queuing?

I’ve hooked up BIAS GLooper to my pedalboard and things are working great. For beats though - I’m feeding EZDrummer some midi from a media player, which is cool, but I can only bind to ‘next file’, which loads the file and stops the playback. Would be great if I could queue the next file instead, so it gets played after the current one is done.


Did you happen to see this thread? It suggests some really cool approaches to this.


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Thanks @terrybritton, that put me on the track of doing it with states. Now my problem is that in the slave musical sync mode which i need, the media player doesn’t loop, even with loop on. Any solution to this?

A minor issue is that the ‘next state’ action binding doesn’t wrap in the list, when you get to the last state, hitting next doesn’t load the first one. Should be a small wishlist item for @brad?