Media Player Queuing Question


I’ve been out of the update loop for a bit, but I was just reading the release notes and I was excited to see Brad had added media range binding! This may fill a big need I have. I just had a couple of questions:

Is there any way to queue a range so that it begins at the next measure based on where the master transport is (or it self ie set to musical time)?
-Use case: media player has a backing track, and I want the freedom to repeat a course or verse. I want to break up the media track into ranges that represent the sections of the song, then repeat a section when I hit a key binding, but I don’t want it to start until the next measure begins. This would be similar to how ableton live is able to queue a clip/loop.

If not, then if I have the media player set to master, and I hit a range will it cause my beat shift if I don’t hit the binding right on beat?

Thank you!