Media Player Object Placement

Hi - I was wondering if I had a song with a number of plugin effect objects, say 10, if placement of the media player anywhere between any of the plugins has some effect on the file being played? So If put the media player after an EQ and Reverb object, does that change the sound of the file played in anyway - and please assume the media player object output is the stereo out?

I am testing out Zynaptic’s Morph vst filter - and I used the media player output as one source, but it seemed the tone of the mp3 file was drastically changed, as compared to playing the file in a media player outside of Cantabile


Everything in Cantabile 3 is controlled by the routing, not by position in the list (I believe version 2 was more about serial flow like that through a list). You need to very explicitly send an output somewhere specific. Is the media player simply outputting to your main speakers?


Terry is correct - routing is explicit and not dependent on order of objects in the routing panel.